Dear Members, the first AGM of Northern Rivers Rail Ltd is on
Saturday,  May 28th, 2-4pm, @ Meeting Room,
 Ex Services Club, Dalley St, Mullumbimby, opp Civic Centre 


Northern Rivers Rail Ltd has been registered as not-for-profit public company in order to bring rail services back to the Casino – Murwillumbah rail corridor,  for the benefit of the whole community!

Our aims are to save our precious public owned railway corridor and tracks as well as rebuild and reinstate where needed the rail tracks and bridges in order to bring commuter rail services to the Northern Rivers.  We aim to restore the railway zoned corridor at Casino and Murwillumbah where it has been removed by Parliament. 

Stage 1 of a Business Plan with strategy and budget is now in its final draft thanks to a dedicated group of professionals working towards the region to have trains back on tracks. 

NRRL's priority is to raise funds to re-instate a commuter and visitor railway service between Murwillumbah and Casino. 

As a registered not-for-profit company NRRL provides a vehicle for supporters of rail to move forward together, with a united voice to all levels of government to bring back our trains. We’re announcing this to you, and the world. Click here to donate Membership/Donations - Northern Rivers Rail

Rebuilding the tracks will create many jobs and support and enhance many people's lives with a regular commuter rail service for locals and visitors. A rail service that brings into play best practice cleaner, greener energy, with safer off-road transport options between towns and villages on the Casino to Murwillumbah line.

NRRL's primary goal is to raise funds to bring a regular commuter rail service back to the Northern Rivers. We support an independently funded bike and walking track off-formation where viable.

Please join us on this unique community-based journey where we can join together to bring a rail-based integrated transport system to the Northern Rivers.  Click here to donate Membership/Donations - Northern Rivers Rail

The prospect of the community working together to bring rail services back to the Casino to Murwillumbah line is very exciting. It will support many people’s lives with better, more environmentally friendly, off-road transport.

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